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Our Aviation Offer
You are a private pilot ? A private owner ? A club ? An aerospace company ? Or a business aviation actor ? Take flight with Air Courtage Aviation !

«Private pilot, you own an aircraft that you want to insure against :                   

• Risks of material damage/loss
• Consequences of your liability towards Third Parties
• Consequences of your liability towards Passengers
• And what about you ?

AIR COURTAGE is your dedicated partner to provide you with the most competitive and adequate insurance cover. »                   

From mechanical assistance in case of failure to hosting solutions, in case of unfavorable meteorological conditions that could block you with your crew or passengers on an airfield, our contracts provide you with added serenity.                   

For example, with our offers like «AIR PRIVATE SERVICES / Assistance» and «AIR PRIVATE SERVICES / Legal Protection», private owners and clubs benefit from garantees within the boundaries of the law, and with a clear legal framework. Thanks to these contracts, for the private owner, the protection of the aircraft, the plane’s hangar and loan can be provided.                   

As regards with business aviation, you can also rely on our team to handle your aircraft insurance program, Personal Accident coverage for pilots, crew and passengers, and Assistance.                   

Commercial operators are not left out and can also benefit from our services to negotiate the best insurance policies (fleet insurance but also Product Liability, Commercial Carrier Liability, Non-Owned Aircraft Liability...).                   

In brief, if you want to insure your aircraft or your activity, protect your pilots, your passengers, your family or yourself at the best coverage, AIR COURTAGE ASSURANCES is the choice of a tailor-made  answer.




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